Warhorse Shampoo

GUG-006 $9.50

WARHORSE does more than clean coats and skin, more than making whites whiter, more than making dark coats shinier and silkier. WARHORSE feeds the skin.  

Your pet deserves a healthy shampoo that's free of sulfates, synthetics, and stripped down ingredients. Our pet shampoo meets the highest premium body care standards for humans. 

Powerful enough to remove dirt, grime, and odor from coats while gentle and moisturizing to sensitive or irritated skin. Revitalizes color without dyes or synthetic ingredients, and leaves coats shiny and soft.  Leaves your pet soft to the touch.

Warhorse Pet Shampoo is Non-GMO, and contains no pesticides, metals, or glyphosate. Suitable for sensitive skin.