Enjoy Yums Healthy Horse Treats Bunny Bag

TRT-042 $7.00

Give your horse treats you know he’ll love – and that you know are good for him. Enjoy Yums treats for horses are baked fresh and are made from six quality, simple ingredients. They’re ingredients with names you’ll recognize, like rice bran and fruits and veggies. There are no artificial dyes or scrap fillers, which means these horse treats are good for your horse’s health.

All Enjoy Yums are slow baked in a low-temperature oven to preserve their natural goodness. Because of this, they’re crisp and crunchy, and are perfect for slipping into your pocket before a trip to the barn or a training session.

If you have a horse with Cushing’s or a metabolic disorder, be sure to check out the lower sugar versions of Enjoy Yums for an affordable, lower sugar alternative for your horse.

Enjoy Yums horse treats are inspired, developed, and endorsed by veterinarians because our main concern is your horse’s health and happiness.
Happiness and love – we pack it in every bag.

• Made from six simple ingredients with names you’ll recognize
• Available in lower sugar formulas for horses with metabolic issues
• Slow baked in a low-temperature oven to preserve their natural goodness
• Crisp and crunchy, perfect for slipping into a pocket
• Inspired, developed, and endorsed by veterinarians

Rice Bran is the main ingredients because it is the most easily digested grain. It is also nutritionally beneficially because it has naturally accruing Omega 3 & 6. Enjoy Yums chooses to use Rice Bran and Steel cut Oats because of their hypoallergenic tendencies. Steel cut Oats are also beneficial for fiber to keep the digestive tract healthy.

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