Heart2Heart Groomer

LBB-004 $4.00

The Epona Heart 2 Heart Curry’s firm but flexible gel will soothe and relax your horse during every grooming session. The curry is firm enough to give your horse a good massage while digging into his coat to bring loose hair, dirt, and dander to the surface. It’s also flexible enough so that it naturally settles into the curves of your horse’s body, helping to reach and clean every inch. This curry is excellent for relaxing your horse. Unlike other stiff curry combs, this curry’s flexibility means that it will not pinch or grab your horse’s skin. With this curry you can provide an enjoyable grooming session and massage, further deepening your bond with your horse. The Epona Heart 2 Heart Curry is the perfect size to fit into your hands, and its flexible build makes it comfortable to use, reducing the strain that grooming places on your hands and arms. This curry also features a soft, flexible handle to further reduce strain and tension and to keep you comfortable while using the curry. This curry’s design will delight both child and adult riders. Its brilliant color, paired with the sparkles that are found throughout its surface, will help you to always easily locate the curry.